Electronics Devices and Circuits

Types of electronic devices and circuits

Electronics Devices and Circuits - Types of electronic devices and circuits

What are Electronic Devices?

switchElectronic devices are devices that are joined together in electrical circuits to perform a given task. Electronic devices, however, are a different area of study than electricity, which is typically the purview of electricians. Electronics is its own electrical science and involves creating electronic devices for various purposes.

Electronic devices include items that are enormously complex and very simple. For example, electric motors are very simple devices that are heavily relied upon in modern life. Switches , another category of electronic device, are very simple, as well, but the most complex computers in the world are really nothing more than a very complex collection of switches.

In many cases, an electronic device is really a collection of electronic circuits, put together in a device called an integrated circuit. An integrated circuit can be something as simple as a counter, a register or a flip-flop. It can also be as complex as the microprocessor in a computer or the microcontrollers that handle the automation in some of the world’s most sophisticated factories.

Some electronic devices are highly specialized and others are more general. For example, an electronic device such as a flip-flop can be adapted to many different uses. On the other hand, an integrated circuit that is intended to be used as a digital signal processor can only be used as a digital signal processor, making it a far more specialized device with a much more limited set of options for usage.

Electronic devices, in reality, are devices of greater or lesser complexity that are constructed out of electronic components. Electronic devices can be digital or analog, which greatly affects how they are used and their most suitable applications. These devices are consistently becoming less expensive, more powerful and more capable, driving a great deal of innovation in industry.